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Alan Bibby


1st Place was a Tie between

Taste Testing

Bruce McPhee

Taste Testing by Bruce McPhee

Taste Testing

“Taste Testing “ was captured in my garden on Salt Spring. The iconic buck with velvet still on the antlers, tasting for ripeness of the plums. 
The sweeping branches of the monkey puzzle tree, together with the sweep of the antlers, evoked much conversation with the guests at the Eclectic Visions display. 
Technical info : 
ISO 1000 ,  286mm, F5.6, 1/400th.

Bruce McPhee


Hummingbird by Kahsia Hartwell

Humming Bird

Green Breasted Mango Hummingbird

Kahsai Hartwell

Kahsia Hartwell


Sea Horse at Dawn

Seahorse at Dawn







Kim Stewart


On Guard by Simon Henson

On Guard

Simon Henson

Simon Henson